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Hey. My name is Elizabeth Thompson but you can just call me Liz. I'm a two-star weapon of Death the Kidd. Just hit me up when you want to chat or whatever.

((Indie Elizabeth Thompson from Soul Eater RP Blog/ Kaley Cuoco as celebrity FC))

M!A: - n/a

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♔➡ “Hello there~.”

  • found their phone number in a library book au
  • hitchhiker ride au
  • met through online rpg au
  • disneyworld cosplayers au
  • accidentally taking each other’s bags au
  • camp councelors au
  • antiques shop au
  • called the wrong number while drunk au
  • sex shop au
  • found their dog au
  • crashed the their car au
  • yoga class au
  • public demonstration au

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the blood will always
                                      my hands

and no matter
how much i
s   k   i   n

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you’re lesbian and your girlfriend is in Germany! YOURE NOT PREGNANT, DAUGHTER,


I’ve probably reblogged this before, but this is basically my entire belief system.  It’s 60ish, but humid and I’m in a tank top and shorts, completely miserable.

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horoscope: aries enjoy breathing air and good food
girl: yaaaaassss bitch thats me as hell
Mermaid AU ~ Open RP




"I am a Sharkmaid Of course I eat fish…. and follow me" Soul darted off in the directions of the cliffs.

"Just making sure," she chimed as she followed Soul.

Soul Led Liz to a nice open area that followed the cliff and they could see part of the port from here.

"So Is this good for you? This Is where I have been staying. there is a huge cave under the surface and it has a few air pockets. Maka actually knows of this place." Soul said as she showed Liz the opening for the cave.

Liz gave out on of her dolphin whistles as she saw the place. “Pretty nice, pretty nice. Seems like a good hideout.” She looked around the place a bit, taking a deep breath. “If Maka knows about this place, don’t ya think she might come here to run us off?”

bigsisthompson: "But aren't you and monkey boy dating?"




Leave a "But aren't you and _____ dating?" in my askbox and see how my muse reacts                           


—— {☠} ❝Actually, we’re married now. Jealous?❞ 

♔➡ Liz’s jaw dropped. “W-what? Really?” She didn’t know if she was mad of them getting married or that she wasn’t invited to the wedding.

—— {☠} ❝Yeah, really.❞ [Jakuzure responded with asmug smirk.

       ❝We didn’t have a formal wedding tho…Just that crazy vegas quick wedding thing.❞ 

♔➡ “Oh, it was a tiny wedding. Here I thought you had a grand wedding without inviting me,” [an awkward giggle escaped her lips.]






bigsisthompson said: [[ TYLER ARE YOU OKAY.

nO. I have the sad disease.  

[[ don’t be sad, meowrial. *hugs*

That is a difficult task. :(

[[ two works better than one, meowrial!

well grEAT cuz I’m alone and likely alone forever sOOO…

[[ you’re not going to be alone forever, silly! That’s what I thought about me and now look at me! uwu







"oh, hey Maka. Uh, somethin wrong?"

Maka gave Liz a small smile. Holding her arm just a tad tighter. This was new

But a welcomed new

They arrived to the apartment and Liz waited for Maka to open it. “It’s been a while since I’ve cane in here. When we celebrated Crona’s arrival right?”

"Yeah…Crona" Maka unlocked the door "Has Kid been able to find a way to retrieve Zher?"

Liz shook her head, “not yet but he’s working hard for a way.”

Maka smiled pulled her inside. “Come on, there’s no sense in being sad over something that we can’t control. Let’s focus on our evening”

Liz had a small smile when she looked over at her. “True. “

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