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"Ugh! I hate it here! I don't do well in creepy, dark, icky places."

[[Indie Elizabeth Thompson from Soul Eater RP Blog/ Kaley Cuoco as celebrity FC]]

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how do you write kissing scenes??????? this is why i write angst more…

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*excited umbrella-sword slashing*
*manic laughter*

in recent news I’ve been stopped by multiple security guards


Must be nice to just be … stopped.


Anonymous How does it feel to be the first person and only to climb Mt Kid and make it erupt?


"Honestly, a bit tired. Of course there are other emotions like pride and amazement. Sort of victorious as well, like im the first one. But right now, im still pretty tired." 

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See if you can charm my muse

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Anonymous What did you nick name Kid's penis?

"Lil dick… Kidd jr. It took me a whole to figure what to call it but I knew it wouldn’t be named Symmetrical, that’s for sure.”

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asymmetrical-reaper “I can see through you, see the real you.” //: for the reaction tbh

Liz stiffened as she heard what Kidd had said. What did he mean by that? She relaxed herself to throw out any more suspicion from her Meister. Her eyes scanned the area, averting his yellow eyes. When she did turn to see him, she had closed her eyes and formed a smile.

"See the real me? What do you mean by that, Kidd?" Of course she partially knew what he was speaking about, but she wouldn’t admit it. The weapon wondered if he meant her vulnerability, the big sister that would cry at night? The one that wanted to search for her mother, no matter how much she cursed her name whenever she walked passed by a parent with their child? Or the girl that didn’t have much of a childhood since she had to raise her sister from a young age?

Still smiling, the weapon disregarded her thoughts and awaited patiently for his forsaken answer.

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"There’s so many exams! How ‘bout we take a break from these things?" 

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