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Kick Ass and Stay Beautiful
"Ugh! I hate it here! I don't do well in creepy, dark, icky places."

[[Mini hiatus for Finals]]

[[Indie Elizabeth Thompson from Soul Eater RP Blog/ Kaley Cuoco as celebrity FC]]

M!A: - M/A!: Pazuzu's Curse: Muse is rendered mute via magic, it cannot be lifted or healed by any known means, and trying to remove it makes it last longer, however, muse in turn gains the ability to communicate telepathically through touch.
Lasts: 1 day or 10 asks if no Rp is made

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Stuff to know Headcanons Starters/Open RP Liz's playlist Submit

((I drew this really quick. Sorry it’s messy and stuff))


"Here you go, Twerk master! You’re all mine!"

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