So at my school, they decided to cover up all of the mirrors in the restrooms. They had little descriptions of how we should all feel beautiful, no matter how we look. It was a way to show us that we don’t need to look at ourselves and judge our bodies. To also respect the people with eating disorders who suffer at hating themselves probably every time they see themselves in the mirror.

What I hate though, is the inconsiderate females that complain that this is stupid because how were they going to check if they’re makeup or hair was alright. About 24 million people suffer through some sort of eating disorder. There are 38,000 students at this campus. Estimated, there are about some few hundred students suffering with a disorder that may need all the support they can get.

People should seriously stop complaining. It is literally one day to help the people that have to suffer each day of seeing themselves as ugly. If you’re wondering how you look, think back to the morning when you geot ready. I’m 100% sure you look exactly the same since you got out of your house.

As a random stranger put above, “True beauty dwells within you! Love yourself!”